HammerMath takes a "creative-brain" approach to learning. Over the last 30 years, we have refined our teaching method and created a proven system of learning that works. HammerMath goes beyond the "standards" because your student is capable of so much more.

HammerMath is comprised of 3 learning modules—fractions, measurement and scaling. In just 15 lessons, students master the skills they need to create, design, and draw their own dream home to 1/4" scale!


Meet The Creator: Perry Wilson

Perry Wilson has dyslexia and vividly remembers struggling in school as a youngster, unable to connect with teachers through conventional methods. He could not read with comprehension until he was an adult.

It was not until he started physically working with math as a carpenter, that his life changed forever. Math finally made sense! Perry eventually became a master carpenter and used these skills to create the If I Had A Hammer program.

Perry created Hammer for the visual learner, the conceptual learner, the I’ve-got-to-touch-this learner. Hammer teaches the BIG picture concepts and the language of math, not just how to get a correct answer. Hammer’s goal is to help students understand what the correct answer actually means. 

The New York Times selected If I Had A Hammer as one of the top new educational programs in the country. Hammer has worked with over 1,000,000 children in over 30 museums and science centers and 50 colleges and universities.

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