After 30 years of working with K-12 education and business & industry, Hammer

realized there's a skills gap between what you learn in school and what employers are looking for.

Hammer's 50-Hour Training Program was designed to help you discover your natural gifts & talents while learning the foundational job skills you need to jumpstart your construction career.


Hi, I’m Perry Wilson!

I'm dyslexic. As a child, my confidence was broken. The truth is, I just needed the opportunity to learn in a different way. It wasn’t until I started physically working with math as a carpenter that my life changed forever.

The most effective way to grasp important skills is through application. You wouldn’t learn how to play basketball out of a textbook—you learn by playing basketball. It’s the same with math!

This 50-Hour Construction & Career Development Training is the training that I wish someone had taught me when I was starting out in the workforce.