The Big Inch

(high-density polymer Big Inches currently on backorder)


At the core of our curriculum is The Big Inch (U.S. Patent #7,632,099 and #8,070,493). The Big Inch is the only math manipulative that combines measurement and fractions allowing students to physically apply the algorithms of fractions. 

The Big Inch is designed for students to physically create their own fraction problems and present their findings to the class. This unique methodology of combining color and number helps students understand more than just correct answers. Students gain true understanding about the physical space connected to numbers, patterns, and measurement simultaneously developing pre-algebraic thinking.

The curriculum includes a downloadable, printable of The Big Inch blocks, markers, and number line.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

HammerMath is a manual, self-paced course. When you sign up you will automatically receive an email with login access to the course. You can start anytime.

Do I have to purchase The Big Inch math manipulative in order to take this course?

The online curriculum has a downloadable, printable of The Big Inch blocks, markers, and number line for you to use. If using the printable instead of a physical Big Inch, we recommend printing on heavy-weight paper or photo paper.

How can I track my student's progress?

The curriculum features "brain game" quizzes at the end of each lesson that can be emailed to the teacher upon completion. These quizzes are a great way for a teacher or parent to track their student's progress.

What grades use HammerMath?

HammerMath was designed to visually and physically teach the foundational concepts of fractions, measurement, and scaling and is used from 3rd Grade through Career Tech.

How much does a one-year subscription cost for the Student Edition?

A 1-Year subscription to HammerMath is $99.

How much does the physical Big Inch cost and where can I purchase it?

The Student Edition comes with downloadable, printable PDF of The Big Inch blocks, markers, and number line.

The physical Big Inch is made of a durable high-density polymer. This version of The Big Inch is currently on backorder. Cardstock Big Inches are available. Please email [email protected].

What math standards does HammerMath meet?

HammerMath was designed to go beyond the traditional textbook. HammerMath is a teaching supplement that can go alongside any standard math curriculum. We did not design HammerMath to teach to the standards. We believe in teaching in a way that sticks with you for life! Our goal is to help students understand and visualize hard-to-grasp concepts of fractions, measurement, and scaling. HammerMath's method is based on 30 years of working with students, teaching them the application of math based on real-world construction and architectural design principles.

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