At Hammer, students don't just take math;

they work with it!

HammerMath's Architectural Design Course is designed to help students build a deeper understanding of fractions and measurement fundamentals through real-world application using architectural design principles. At the core of our curriculum is our patented fraction manipulative, The Big Inch (sold separately). 

After learning fractions, students have fun working with area and perimeter through creative, hands-on team assignments. Now, they are ready for architectural design! Students stretch their imagination and dream big by learning how to draw house plans to 1/4" scale and to design their own dream home. HammerMath builds the understanding of critical math concepts preparing K-12 students to adult learners for higher-level mathematics.

The Big Inch

(sold separately)

The Big Inch (U.S. Patent #7,632,099 and #8,070,493) is the only math manipulative that combines measurement and fractions allowing students to physically apply the algorithms of fractions. 

The Big Inch is designed for students to physically create their own fraction problems and present their findings to the class. This unique methodology of combining color and number helps students understand more than just correct answers. Students gain true understanding about the physical space connected to numbers, patterns, and measurement simultaneously developing pre-algebraic thinking.

The Big Inch can be purchased separately from the curriculum. To order or learn more about The Big Inch, email us at [email protected].

Lansdowne Elementary Success Story

"Our kids are on fire with this program!"

-Matthew Spottswood, PSEG Coach

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

HammerMath is a manual, self-paced course. You can start anytime.

Do I have to purchase The Big Inch math manipulative in order to teach this course?

Although you do not need a physical Big Inch to teach this course, we highly recommend purchasing at least one manipulative. Students learn best when a teacher can demonstrate showing the size and colors of the blocks.

What is the difference between the Teacher Edition and Student Edition of this course?

Both courses have the same core curriculum. The main difference is the Teacher Edition features lesson plans, professional development videos, teaching tips, and downloadable discovery worksheets. The student version features Perry Wilson, the creator of the program, walking students through the lessons. The student version also features "brain game" quizzes at the end of each lesson that can be emailed to the teacher upon completion. These quizzes are a great way to track your students' progress.

What grades use HammerMath?

HammerMath was designed to visually and physically teach the concepts of fractions, measurement, and scaling and is used from 3rd Grade through Career Tech.

How much does HammerMath cost?

A subscription is $99 per year.

How much does The Big Inch cost and where can I purchase it?

The cost of The Big Inch is $87 each. A classroom set of twelve is also available for $1,044. We recommend one Big Inch per 2 student team.

What math standards does HammerMath meet?

HammerMath was designed to go beyond the traditional textbook. HammerMath is a teaching supplement that can go alongside any standard math curriculum. We did not design Hammer to teach the standards. We don't believe in teaching students how to learn for a test. We believe in teaching in a way that kids learn! Hammer helps students understand and visualize the hard-to-grasp concepts of fractions, measurement, and scaling, to help prepare them to be problem solvers and thinkers. The HammerMath method of teaching is based on 30 years of teaching students the application of math based on real-world construction and architectural design principles. It's a better way to teach!

Can I sanitize The Big Inch?

Yes! The Big Inch is now made of dense durable plastic that can be sanitized in-between uses. Do not spray cleaner directly on the label.